Managing SSH keys

Starting with version v1.7.0, IAM allows users to link SSH public keys to their accounts.

SSH keys are then exposed to relying parties in two ways:

  • through the IAM SCIM APIs;
  • as a claim in the OpenID Connect userinfo endpoint response, if the token has the ssh-keys scope.

Managing account SSH keys

The IAM dashboard allows a user to link one or more SSH keys to their account, as shown below:

ssh key management

Accessing account SSH keys via SCIM APIs

As clarified in the SCIM APIs documentation, ssh keys are exposed in the user information returned to authorized clients, as in the following fragment:

  "id": "80e5fb8d-b7c8-451a-89ba-346ae278a66f",
  "userName": "test",
  "urn:indigo-dc:scim:schemas:IndigoUser": {
    "sshKeys": [
        "display": "my-key",
        "primary": true,
        "value": "ssh-rsa AAAAB...", 
        "fingerprint": "M9vqQeuPrPI0wiaT6sftgfxu1/kowbb37fcLU2+R7yk=",
        "created": "2021-08-25T15:18:45.978+02:00",
        "lastModified": "2021-08-25T15:18:45.978+02:00"

Accessing account SSH keys via the userinfo endpoint

SSH keys linked to a user account are returned in the userinfo endpoint response if the token used to access the endpoint has the ssh-keys scope, as in the following example:

❯ curl -s -L -H "Authorization: Bearer ${AT}" | jq .
  "sub": "80e5fb8d-b7c8-451a-89ba-346ae278a66f",
  "ssh_keys": [
      "fingerprint": "M9vqQeuPrPI0wiaT6sftgfxu1/kowbb37fcLU2+R7yk=",
      "value": "ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2E..."

Note that the ssh-keys scope is a restricted scope, i.e., it can be assigned to client registered in IAM only by IAM administrators.

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