Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) management

Starting with version 1.2.0, IAM supports defining an Acceptable Usage Policy Document (AUP) for a managed organization. The AUP is presented to applicants at registration time or periodically.

Managing the AUP

The AUP can be managed from the “AUP” section in the IAM dashboard, or via the AUP management API.

Administrator privileges are required.

Creating the AUP

By default, the AUP is not defined for an organization, i.e. it must be explicitly defined by an IAM administrator.

The AUP can be created by clicking on the “Create AUP” button in the AUP management page (that can be reached clicking the “AUP” link in the organization Management navigation bar):

AUP management 0

A dialog is shown:

AUP management 1

where the administrator can enter the AUP URL and define how frequently the AUP should be accepted by users.

If the AUP signature validity is set to 0, a signature on the AUP will be requested only once (either at registration time or at the first IAM login after the AUP creation). A zero value means basically that the AUP signature does not expire.

A positive value in the AUP signature validity means, on the other hand, that the signature will expire after that number of days. As an example, an administrator that wants the AUP to signed each year by users should put 365 in the “AUP signature validity” field.

Editing and deleting the AUP

The AUP can be edited and deleted from the AUP management page:

AUP management 2

Since version 1.6.0, the AUP has been converted from text to a URL. If you have just upgraded to 1.6.0 and you have already defined a text AUP, you should see the following red message below your AUP:

AUP management 1b

By clicking on “Edit AUP”, admins are prompted to insert a valid URL.

AUP management 5

As shown in the picture above, editing the AUP will not trigger an AUP signature request.

Request a signature from users

If you want to request a signature from users for the updated AUP, use the “Request AUP signature” button in the AUP management page.

A dialog is shown:

AUP management 6

Confirm by clicking on “Request AUP signature” and the acceptance of the AUP will be requested from ALL users at their next login.

Signing the AUP

Once defined the AUP text is shown to users for acceptance either at registration time:

or at the first login after the AUP creation:

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