INDIGO IAM service documentation

This is the INDIGO IAM service documentation for IAM v1.5.0.RELEASE.

What is the INDIGO IAM?

See a brief introduction on the INDIGO Identity and Access Management (IAM) service.

Release notes

Notable changes in IAM v1.5.0.RELEASE

Documentation structure

The INDIGO IAM service documentation is composed of the following guides:

  • the IAM as a service guide, targeted at communities interested in requesting IAM as a service from INFN;

  • the Deployment and administration guide, targeted ad system administrators interested in deploying, configuring and monitoring the service;

  • the User guide, targeted at service users, that explains how to use the IAM to authenticate and authorize users, manage user registration, etc;

  • the Developer guide, targeted at the IAM service developers, that provides insight on how to build, develop and test the service.

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