INDIGO IAM service documentation

This is the INDIGO IAM service documentation for IAM v1.6.0.

What is the INDIGO IAM?

See a brief introduction on the INDIGO Identity and Access Management (IAM) service.

Release notes

Notable changes in IAM v1.6.0

This release introduces new core functionality in IAM:

The docker image tag for this release (v1.6.0) is:


For the full list of changes, see the release notes on Github.

Documentation structure

The INDIGO IAM service documentation is composed of the following guides:

  • the IAM as a service guide, targeted at communities interested in requesting IAM as a service from INFN;

  • the Deployment and administration guide, targeted ad system administrators interested in deploying, configuring and monitoring the service;

  • the User guide, targeted at service users, that explains how to use the IAM to authenticate and authorize users, manage user registration, etc;

  • the Developer guide, targeted at the IAM service developers, that provides insight on how to build, develop and test the service.

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