Developer guide

Build instructions and other information for IAM developers

IAM build requirements

The IAM is a Spring Boot Java application.

To build it, you will need:

  • Java 8
  • Maven 3.3.x or greater
  • Git

Checking out the IAM code

You can check out the IAM code as follows:

  git clone

Building the IAM

You can build the IAM packages with the following command:

  mvn package

Setting up the docker-based development environment

You will need:

  • Docker 1.11.1 or greater
  • Docker compose 1.7 or greater

You can start a development/testing environment with the following command:

  docker-compose build
  docker-compose up

The docker-compose.yml file requires that you set some environment variables for it to run properly, mainly to provide OAuth client credentials for external authentication mechanisms (Google).

The setup also assumes that you have an entry in your DNS server (complex) or /etc/hosts (simpler) that maps to the machine (or VM) where docker is running, e.g.:

$ cat /etc/hosts

How to run tests against the mysql database

IAM JUnit integration tests can (and should) be run against mysql database.

To do so, boostrap the database instance with docker-compose:

docker-compose up db

And then run the tests with the following command:

mvn test

Building Docker production images

To build the docker images for the iam-service and iam-test client, use the following commands:

sh iam-login-service/docker/
sh iam-test-client/docker/

These commands should run after war and jar archives have been built, i.e. after a mvn package.

For more details on the image build scripts see the following folders:

This project builds upon the following projects/technologies:

Specifications and useful resources

Specifications and useful resources for IAM development

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