Group Management

IAM provides a group management system, that can be used by IAM administrators to create groups, remove existing ones and manage membership in the group.

Groups can be organized in a hierarchical structure, with the following constraints:

  • a group can have only a parent group;
  • a group can have many childrens.

Manage groups using the web interface

The simplest way to manage groups is using the IAM dashboard.

Creating a group

From the home page, open the Groups section and click the Add group button:

INDIGO IAM Add Group button

To create a group, specify a group name. If the created group is a subgroup of an already existing group, the parent group can be selected via a dialog.

Note that IAM allows for multiple root level groups.

INDIGO IAM Parent group creation

INDIGO IAM Child group creation

A new children group can also be created from the parent group details page.

INDIGO IAM Add Subgroup button

Deleting a group

From the groups list page, click on the corresponding Remove button. A confirmation window will be opened, so you can confirm or abort the the delete operation.

INDIGO IAM Group removal

Only empty groups can be removed. If you try to remove a group with a child group or with user members, the operation fails with an error.

Managing membership for a group

To add a user to a group open the user details page. In the Groups section, click on the Add to group button:

INDIGO IAM Add group to user button

Choose one or more groups and confirm the operation:

INDIGO IAM Add group membership

Starting with version 1.7.0, when a user is added as member of group g, IAM takes care of adding him/her to all the parent groups leading to g that he/she is not already a member of. In previous versions this had to be done manually by the IAM administrator. Following the same rationale, when a user is removed from a group, it is also automatically removed from any children groups he is a member of.

To remove a user from a group, click the Remove button.

Members can also be removed from the group details page, as shown in the following screenshot:

INDIGO IAM Members list

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