User management

IAM provides tools to manage users in an organization. All the actions described below require administrator privileges.

Creating a user account

A new user account in the organization can be created from the “Users” management panel by clicking on the “Add user” button at the bottom of the page:

Add user

A dialog is shown that allows to set basic user information:

Add user 2

Deleting a user account

User accounts can be deleted from the “Users management” section of the dashboard by clicking on the delete button for the users that should be deleted:

Delete user

Disabling a user account

User accounts can be disabled from the user home page by clicking on the “Disable user” button. Disabled users are not allowed to login in the IAM and, as such, cannot authenticate at any services that rely on the IAM for authentication and authorization.

Disable user

Managing user account privileges

Administrator privileges can be assigned to a user from the user home page by clickin on the “Assign administrator privileges” button:

Assign admin privileges

Managing external user account identities

Administrators can manually add and remove external accounts and certificates for a local user account from the user home page:

Manage credentials

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