Deployment with packages

IAM can be deployed from packages on the CentOS 7 platform. Packages and repo files are hosted on the INDIGO IAM package repository.


  1. Install the INDIGO IAM release key:
$ sudo rpm --import
  1. Install the repo files:
$ sudo yum-config-manager --add-repo
  1. Install packages:
$ sudo yum makecache
$ sudo yum install -y iam-login-service

IAM service configuration

The IAM service is configured via a configuration file named iam-login-service which holds the settings for the environment variables that drive its configuration (as described in the configuration reference section).

The file is located in the following path:


Run the service

The IAM login service is managed by systemd.

To enable the service use the following command:

$ sudo systemctl enable iam-login-service

To start the service use the following command:

$ sudo systemctl start iam-login-service

To access the service logs, use the following command:

$ sudo journalctl -fu iam-login-service

Automated provisioning with Puppet

The IAM login service Puppet module can be found here. The module configures the IAM Login Service packages installation, configuration and the automatic generation of the JWK keystore.

The setup of the MySQL database used by the service as well as the setup of the reverse proxy are not covered by this module.

However, the module provides an example of setup of both the Login Service and NginX as reverse proxy, using the official NginX Puppet module.

For more detailed information about the Indigo IAM Puppet module usage, see the documentation in the Github repository.

Last modified September 17, 2021: Fix some broken references (881a38a)