Database configuration

IAM keeps state in a MariaDB/MySQL database, and will need its own schema and a user that has read/write/schema change privileges on such database.

IAM has been tested successfully against:

  • MySQL v. 5.5.5
  • MariaDB v. 10.1.22

For more instructions on how to create a database schema and a user with administrator privileges on it, see the MariaDB documentation.

Assuming the organization that IAM will manage is called test, the following commands can be used to create a database and a user for the IAM application:

CREATE DATABASE iam_test_db CHARACTER SET latin1 COLLATE latin1_swedish_ci;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES on iam_test_db.* to 'iam_test'@'%' identified by 'some_super_secure_password';

You may want to restrict the set of hosts from which a mysql client can connect to the database with the above credentials according to your deployment needs.

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