IAM as a service

INFN offers IAM-as-a-service to partner communities.

INFN provides IAM as a service to partner research communities. In this scenario, a dedicated IAM instance is deployed on the INFN infrastructure and configured according to the community needs.

INFN takes care of keeping the service operational and up-to-date, while administrative control on the IAM instance is granted to the community.

The following IAM deployments are examples of IAM deployed as a service for partner communities:

  • DODAS: The Dynamic On-Demand Analysis Service (DODAS) allows to instantiate on-demand container-based clusters. Both HTCondor batch systems, and platforms for Big Data analysis based for example on Spark or Hadoop, can be deployed on any cloud-based infrastructures with almost zero effort.

  • eXtreme Datacloud project: The eXtreme DataCloud project (XDC) project aims at developing scalable technologies for federating storage resources and managing data in highly distributed computing environments, as required by the most demanding, data intensive research experiments in Europe and worldwide.

How to access the service

To request the deployment of an IAM service instance for your community, write to our support list.

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