Backup & Restore


The IAM data that needs to saved by a backup is:

  • database data;
  • service configuration, typically maintained in an environment file: /etc/sysconfig/iam-login-service on CentOS, /etc/default/iam-login-service on Ubuntuu;
  • the keystore used to sign JWT tokens: /var/lib/indigo/iam-login-service/keystore.jks;
  • the SAML keystore, used when SAML authentication is enabled: /var/lib/indigo/iam/iam-login-service/example.ks.

The above locations apply when installing from packages on CentOS or Ubuntu.

An example of backup script is given below:

timestamp=`date +'%Y-%m-%d_%H%M%S'`




mysqldump ${MYSQL_DUMP_OPTS} ${MYSQL_DBNAME} > ${dumpfile}

tar czf iam_backup.tar.gz \
  ${dumpfile} \
  /etc/sysconfig/iam-login-service \
  /var/lib/indigo/iam-login-service/keystore.jks \

The keystore paths can be customized, so adapt the backup script according your configuration.

If you are deploying IAM with Docker and use a volume to provide configuration to the service, backup the contents of such volume.


From the backup, import the database data from the SQL dump:

$ export MYSQL_HOST="mydbhost"
$ export MYSQL_USER="iamloginserviceuser"
$ export MYSQL_PWD="iamloginservicepassword"
$ export MYSQL_DBNAME="iamloginservicedb"

$ mysql --host ${MYSQL_HOST} -u ${MYSQL_USER} -p${MYSQL_PWD} ${MYSQL_DBNAME} < iam_backup/iam_dump.sql

Deployment from packages

To restore the IAM service from scratch, install the package.

On CentOS:

$ sudo yum install -y iam-login-service

Restore the environment file.

On CentOS:

$ sudo cp iam_backup/etc/sysconfig/iam-login-service /etc/sysconfig/iam-login-service

On Ubuntu:

$ sudo cp iam_backup/etc/default/iam-login-service /etc/default/iam-login-service

Copy the keystores in the correct path, according to your configuration:

$ sudo cp iam_backup/var/lib/indigo/iam-login-service/keystore.jks /var/lib/indigo/iam-login-service/keystore.jks
$ sudo cp iam_backup/var/lib/indigo/iam/iam-login-service/example.ks /var/lib/indigo/iam/iam-login-service/example.ks

Ensure the keystores have the right ownership:

$ sudo chown -R iam:iam /var/lib/indigo/iam-login-service

Start the IAM Login Service daemon:

$ sudo systemctl start iam-login-service

Deployment with Docker

Copy the files from the backup to the volume location:

$ cp iam_backup/iam-login-service/env /path/to/iam-login-service/env
$ cp iam_backup/keystore.jks /path/to/keystore.jks

Start the container:

$ docker run \
  --name iam-login-service \
  --net=iam -p 8080:8080 \
  --env-file=/path/to/iam-login-service/env \
  -v /path/to/keystore.jks:/keystore.jks:ro \

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