Audit log

IAM Login Service traces interesting, security related events with an audit log.

Audit log messages are marked with the tag AUDIT in the Java class name field.

An example of audit log message is the following:

2017-09-11 09:58:14.560  INFO 13 --- [o-8080-exec-311] AUDIT : {"@type":"IamAuthenticationSuccessEvent","timestamp":1505116694560,"category":"AUTHENTICATION","principal":"794fb313-6e93-4d02-9d0a-4ed773ee2c5e","message":"794fb313-6e93-4d02-9d0a-4ed773ee2c5e authenticated succesfully","sourceEvent":{"principal":"794fb313-6e93-4d02-9d0a-4ed773ee2c5e","type":"InteractiveAuthenticationSuccessEvent"},"source":"UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken"}

The IAM login service writes logs to standard output in the default configuration. When deployed from packages, all logs are collected by the system journal.

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