Basic IAM setup

Most configurable aspects of the IAM are configured via environment variables and Spring profile directives. For a detailed reference of all the options, see the configuration reference.

At the bare minimum you should enable the registration service to let users register at your organisation (but you can leave it disabled and add users manually to the organisation using the IAM dashboard if you prefer).

A minimal example configuration is given below:,registration

and has the following meaning:

  • IAM_JAVA_OPTS is used to select active profiles (prod, registration) and tell the JVM to use /dev/urandom as the random number generator;
  • IAM_HOST is the host where the IAM will listen for request; this is the hostname of the machine exposed to the internet;
  • IAM_BASE_URL is the base URL where the IAM web application will live; the value for this is typically https://${IAM_HOST};
  • IAM_ISSUER is the OpenID-connect issuer for the tokens issued by the IAM; we recommend using the same setting as IAM_BASE_URL, i.e. https://${IAM_HOST};
  • IAM_USE_FORWARDED_HEADERS tells the IAM that whether it lives behind a reverse proxy (i.e., NGINX); in production the value is typically true;
  • IAM_KEY_STORE_LOCATION is the location of the JSON Web keystore generated as explained here;
  • IAM_DB_* are variables used to set the database endpoint and provide database access credentials;
  • IAM_NOTIFICATION_FROM sets the sender of administrative notification sent by the IAM;
  • IAM_NOTIFICATION_ADMIN_ADDRESS sets the email address that will receive administrative notifications from the IAM;
  • IAM_MAIL_HOST is the SMTP server that IAM will use to deliver notifications.

For a detailed reference of all available configuration options, see the configuration reference.

Deploying and starting the IAM service with the above configuration will give you an empty service with just one user registered, the admin user.

and change the password for the admin user, clicking on the Change password button from the admin home page, as shown in the following picture:

Admin change password

Last modified September 17, 2021: Fix some broken references (881a38a)