Registering a client

IAM exposes the OpenID Connect/OAuth dynamic client registration functionality on its own dashboard (it has been migrated by MitreID dashboard).

In OAuth terminology, a client is an application or service that can interact with an authorization server for authentication/authorization purposes.

A new client can be registered in the IAM in two ways:

Registering a client using the dashboard

Log into the service and click on the My Clients link on the left navigation bar:


From the My client link, select New client:

client reg

A form will open that enable you to configure your client:

client reg

The minimum information you have to provide is:

  • Client name: choose a name for your client
  • Redirect URI(s): one or more redirect URIs for your client; these are required if you choose to enable the authorization code flow;

client reg

Remember to select the offline_access scope from the Scopes tab if you want to request refresh tokens for the client being created:

client reg

You can then click the Save button at the bottom of the page:

client reg

IAM will then generate client credentials for your client and other information that will be displayed as follows:

client reg

Last modified June 16, 2022: Fix typo (43f3633)